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Shotguns in Fortnite are the kings of close range combat, followed closely by the SMG. In version 5.0 of Fortnite, they removed the capability of using a double shotgun by adding a shotgun firing cooldown after firing a shotgun and weapon swapping. Despite recent changes in v5.0, the shotgun is still deadly, even though you cannot use two to achieve massive damage rates like before.

Headshot multipliers, like are standard with most weapons is 2x.


The Pump Shotgun has the slowest fire rate of all the shotguns, but packs the highest punch with the maximum damage being 170 from the rare pump. They are high risk, high reward, with devastating damage and a long wait for the next shot.

AR Fire Rate 2.PNG


The Tactical Shotgun has the quickest fire rate of all the shotguns, with the ability to shoot every .75 seconds. This fast fire rate is not without downsides, with decreased damage and a high reload time. But with the fast shooting, it allows you to maximize damage output, and is well paired with SMGs or ARs due to the speed of weapon swapping.

Tactical Shotgun WBG.PNG


The Heavy Shotgun is the happy medium of the shotgun world, with a fire rate of 1 shot per second, and a damage between that of the pump and the tactical. It has a very tight fire radius, a very even spread, and does consistent damage.

Heavy Shotgun WBG.PNG

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