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The Truth About Fortnite Defaults

A Fortnite Default

When you first download the game, you have nothing. Just the default skin, which is really easy to make out because they are all dressed almost the exact same way. It became a huge deal that people with default skins are obviously not as good at the game because they refuse to buy real skins, because apparently skins = skill.

The Black Knight

For the longest time after season 2, when the Royale Knights were released in the Battle Pass, you had to really tread carefully around Black Knights. These Black Knights were the players that had put in a lot of time and investment into the game, and were usually a pretty dangerous bunch of people to fight. Since then however, Fortnite has┬ábecome so mainstream that earning or buying the top tier skins of the Battle Pass meant nothing about your own skill. I mean, take Muselk for example, who at the beginning of every season, buys the Battle Pass at it’s max tier and puts out a video of ‘max level’ gameplay.


I am not here to judge his skill, but I am here to point out that anyone can get the top skins. All you need is your mother’s credit card.

the Drift Skin

Another point: If the game is so filled with ‘Fake Defaults’ that are not bad at the game at all, then why haven’t our expectations changed? For example, in the last few days of playing, I have seen many defaults running around, only 1 of them not knowing what they were doing. The Drift skin however is a coin toss as to whether or not they are bad at the game.


There are people out there who rage and get angry that people choose to be default skins, saying that you are bad at the game if you use the default skin to get kills. My point of view? Using a default skin is a valid strategy to trick the mechanically gifted but stupid players into treating you differently. My advice? Stop getting angry that you assumed that a person was bad at the game and you got your butt whooped for it. Mental warfare is part of the game too.