The Truth About Fortnite Defaults

A Fortnite Default

When you first download the game, you have nothing. Just the default skin, which is really easy to make out because they are all dressed almost the exact same way. It became a huge deal that people with default skins are obviously not as good at the game because they refuse to buy real skins, because apparently skins = skill.

The Black Knight

For the longest time after season 2, when the Royale Knights were released in the Battle Pass, you had to really tread carefully around Black Knights. These Black Knights were the players that had put in a lot of time and investment into the game, and were usually a pretty dangerous bunch of people to fight. Since then however, Fortnite has become so mainstream that earning or buying the top tier skins of the Battle Pass meant nothing about your own skill. I mean, take Muselk for example, who at the beginning of every season, buys the Battle Pass at it’s max tier and puts out a video of ‘max level’ gameplay.


I am not here to judge his skill, but I am here to point out that anyone can get the top skins. All you need is your mother’s credit card.

the Drift Skin

Another point: If the game is so filled with ‘Fake Defaults’ that are not bad at the game at all, then why haven’t our expectations changed? For example, in the last few days of playing, I have seen many defaults running around, only 1 of them not knowing what they were doing. The Drift skin however is a coin toss as to whether or not they are bad at the game.


There are people out there who rage and get angry that people choose to be default skins, saying that you are bad at the game if you use the default skin to get kills. My point of view? Using a default skin is a valid strategy to trick the mechanically gifted but stupid players into treating you differently. My advice? Stop getting angry that you assumed that a person was bad at the game and you got your butt whooped for it. Mental warfare is part of the game too.

Fortnite v5.01: NEW SMGs and Semi Sniper Alterations!

In the most recent patch of Fortnite, the Submachine Gun was added to the game, as a non silenced mirror to the Silenced SMG. You can find this new gun on the floor and in chests. Also, the Semi-Auto Sniper has had it’s damage increased by 12 over all, the new stats being 75/78 from 63/66.


The new Submachine gun is almost identical to the Tactical SMG (which is now in the vault) Except for longer reload times by a fraction of a second and one more damage per bullet on each rarity level. I will insert a copy of the Tactical SMGs stats for you to compare yourself, but you can also view it in the post about SMGs.

With very similar spread and attack power to the Tactical SMG, it serves as more of a buffed replacement of the Tactical, so all of the points I made about the Tactical should still apply to the Submachine Gun. Structure Damage is a stat that has not been filled in yet, will be updated as soon as the information is known.

Submachine Gun 2.PNGSubmachine Gun












For your comparison:
Drum Gun 2.PNG







For a long time, the Semi-Auto Sniper has been one of the most avoided snipers in the game. The bolt does more damage, the crossbow had (had) a lot of style, and with the hunting rifle you feel like an absolute boss wielding it, even though nobody can hit shots. It seems that the damage buff is a strike to try to make the Semi relevant in common gameplay. A 12 point damage buff is quite a lot, especially with headshot damage putting it at 187.5 damage for a headshot, with base damage being 75, and that is just for the epic Semi.

The biggest issue with the Semi before now, at least in my experience, is that I became impatient with every shot. Sniping requires patience with every shot, waiting for the right moment to fire. With the fire rate of the Semi, I always felt rushed to spam as much as I could to get as many shots as possible.

I will be writing a post about snipers later on, so I will upload a Gif then, but until then, here are some stats to chew on.

Semi-Auto Sniper 2.PNG

*NEW* ATK in Fortnite Battle Royale

The ATK is a new vehicle in Fortnite season 5, an ‘All Terrain Kart’ As it is called. It can drive 25 miles per hour, and can generate some wicked speed boosts by using a drift ability. When using this ability, you can bank around corners, do doughnuts, and during the use of this ability, you can gain a speed boost that activates when you release it the drift. I do not currently know the maximum speed you can go, but I know that you can go at least 34 miles per hour, totaling in a 9 mile per hour speed boost!

The Kart is pretty fun, and if you can’t get on and play with it right now, or if you have and you still can’t get enough, here is a video of me messing around with the ATK.



SMGs are the next best thing in close range combat to having a shotgun. If the Shotguns are the king, these are the stewards. That is, if you are really bad at jokes and want to impress some internet people. The SMG typically has a wider spread, shoots a lot of bullets very quickly, and does low damage per bullet. In short, the name of the game is get close, and track as hard as you can.

SMGs, up until the last patch of season 4, were only small bullet guns, but the addition of the Drum Gun to the mix, (using medium bullets) it has increased damage, the same fire rate as it’s Silenced cousin, and a larger magazine.


The Drum Gun has a lot of damage, but a wider spread than the typical SMG. It is both good for close to medium range combat, but also excellent for destroying builds. The biggest downside to the Drum Gun and also the Tactical SMG is that they do not have perfect accuracy. So, be careful when using all of your medium bullets in a gun that is not very accurate.

Drum Gun 2.PNGDrum Gun 2.PNG


The New Submachine Gun is the buffed replacement for the Tactical SMG, which was added to the VAULT on 7/17/2018. It does slightly more damage per bullet, has the same fire rate, and a fraction of a second more reload time. In almost every way, this gun is better. Still good at only close to near medium range fights, has no perfect accuracy, and does heavy damage to structures.

Drum Gun 2.PNGDrum Gun 2.PNG


Moderate damage and perfect accuracy, the Silenced SMG has the capability to do work at close range, but can also be used for medium and rarely long range fights. Damage falloff is a big deal at long ranges, but you can still harm opponents while staying inconspicuous.

Drum Gun 2.PNGDrum Gun 2.PNG



The Tactical SMG has the fastest fore rate of all the SMGs but also the lowest damage per bullet. It is the classic SMG, good for build denial and general damage. However, it is not good at medium to long range due to accuracy and damage falloff.

Drum Gun 2.PNGDrum Gun 2.PNG


Shotguns in Fortnite are the kings of close range combat, followed closely by the SMG. In version 5.0 of Fortnite, they removed the capability of using a double shotgun by adding a shotgun firing cooldown after firing a shotgun and weapon swapping. Despite recent changes in v5.0, the shotgun is still deadly, even though you cannot use two to achieve massive damage rates like before.

Headshot multipliers, like are standard with most weapons is 2x.


The Pump Shotgun has the slowest fire rate of all the shotguns, but packs the highest punch with the maximum damage being 170 from the rare pump. They are high risk, high reward, with devastating damage and a long wait for the next shot.

AR Fire Rate 2.PNG


The Tactical Shotgun has the quickest fire rate of all the shotguns, with the ability to shoot every .75 seconds. This fast fire rate is not without downsides, with decreased damage and a high reload time. But with the fast shooting, it allows you to maximize damage output, and is well paired with SMGs or ARs due to the speed of weapon swapping.

Tactical Shotgun WBG.PNG


The Heavy Shotgun is the happy medium of the shotgun world, with a fire rate of 1 shot per second, and a damage between that of the pump and the tactical. It has a very tight fire radius, a very even spread, and does consistent damage.

Heavy Shotgun WBG.PNG

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Machine Guns

There are 2 machine guns in Fortnite. They consume a lot of ammunition, with 8-12 rounds per second.


The minigun does not come with a magazine, having as much ammo in it’s magazine as you have in your inventory. They drop with 18 spare small ammo rounds. Great against structures due to the damage per second, but bad against players due to the bullet spread.

Light Machine Gun (LMG)

The LMG has a 100 round mag, and comes with 18 spare medium ammo. It shoots 8 rounds per second, making it good against structures, but also good in close to medium range fights, depending on how good your aim is.

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Assault Rifles

There are 3 basic types of rifle in Fortnite BR.

Assault Rifle

The first is the Standard AR, with one standard model and another model for epic and legendary iterations called the SCAR. Each drop of AR drops with 18 rounds of spare medium ammo and a full magazine of 30. The basic AR is best for the classic point’n’click fighting style, and can also be used to halt builds as they come.

AR Fire Rate 2.PNG


Burst Rifle

The second is the Burst AR, with a standard model and another model for epic and legendary iterations called the Famas. During each pull of the trigger, 3 shots are fired. Due to this, Burst ARs are not as good for destroying builds, but they are amazing if used with precision to get multiple hits or headshots.

Burst AR Fire Rate 2.PNG


Scoped AR

The third is the Scoped AR, with rare and epic versions, and the Thermal AR with epic and legendary versions. These shots do less damage per hit than the typical AR, but they can do great damage over distance, with none of the sniper downsides of bullet drop and damage falloff. The Thermal AR also has the added bonus



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